Private Party | Saint-Nicolas party on the Cambon Street

In 1910, Gabriel Chanel launched her first hat boutique “Chanel Modes” on the Cambon Street which is just next to the Vendôme Plaza and Faubourg Saint-Honoré road. The Cambon Street is not merely anchored by the iconic figure Chanel, but also the synonym of the top fashion and luxury. December – the Christmas season, will a party on the Cambon Street be wild enough to satisfy all your fantasies?

chanel rue cambon

Upon seeing the white Christmas market along the Champs-Elysées, we seem to be able to feel the December approaching and the warm hot wine floating in the air. Yes, the red Christmas is coming! However, there is another festival at the beginning of December always being ignored by people, that is Saint-Nicolas. Do you know that the Saint-Nicolas is the real prelude of the Christmas season?!

On December 6th 2016, Love Letter Paris will organize an amazing party before Christmas with Belgium high-end handbag and luggage designer Hedgren – the Saint-Nicolas Night. Our host will present us gourmet traditions and customon Saint-Nicolas. We have prepared a present for every guest at that night, the chef Pierre Meneau has also prepared « cromesquis » for you. Issued from a family with a tight relation with the gastronomy, he has been reported by many magazines and TV channels in France. In the photo bellow we can see his father, a Michelin three-star chef, on the right. If you are quite interested in this chef, why not try his restaurant in Paris called Crom’Exquis, you must be amazed by his talent. If you are in China now, you have also the chance to try their restaurant in Shanghai called Restaurant MARC.

Pierre Marc Meneau

Saint-Nicolas is one of the most important Christian festivals, in the occident Christian countries, mass will be organized on 6th December and children will receive gifts from “Saint-Nicolas”.  Although custom is different in various regions, the common ground is that the Saint-Nicolas image is always substituted by the Santa Claus, so we can say that the saint-Nicolas is the origin of the Santa Claus.

santa claus

Till now are you excited about this party ? Apply for it right now! There are limited 40 places for this event.

In order to guarantee the quality and the privacy of this party, we will do a selection to our applicants, please refer to the final invitation letter from Love Letter Paris.


Useful information:

Time: 6th December, 2016 at 20 : 00

Place: refer to the invitation letter

How to apply: click on the link bellow and fill out the application form

Soirée Privée Saint-Nicolas 私享活动 | 圣尼古拉之夜


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